AgriProve: Boosting Australia’s Agriculture

About Agriprove

AgriProve is a leading Australian soil carbon developer that uses satellite data and data analytics to provide insights and advice to landowners on the best use of their land. AgriProve helps farmers and landowners optimise their agricultural production, reduce their environmental impact, and generate new revenue streams through carbon credits. Carbon credits are incentives that the government pays to landowners who reduce their greenhouse gas emissions or increase their carbon sequestration by adopting sustainable land management practices.

The Business Challenge

To deliver their services to their partner farmers, AgriProve needed to store, process, and analyse a diverse range and substantial volume of data from multiple sources. Integrating it all together, and in a way that their partner farmers can use and understand is a big challenge, impeding the delivery of timely insights – a problem experienced by many Australian companies across industries today.


Aside from the problem of data integration, AgriProve also needed to provide their partner farmers with fast, secure, and reliable access to data and insights. They also need to be compliant with government regulations and standards for carbon credits verification and reporting.


While they have their own skilled engineers, AgriProve also wanted to launch quickly. And that meant engaging and getting the support of a partner that has the experience and expertise to understand their needs, and design and implement a secure and scalable structure that meets their vision.

The Solution

AgriProve chose to partner with DNX Solutions, a cloud-native company with a proven track record and expertise in AWS cloud services, to leverage their experience. DNX Solutions helped AgriProve migrate its existing applications and data from multiple sources to the AWS cloud. DNX Solutions also helped AgriProve modernise its architecture and optimise its performance and security on the AWS cloud.

Assess Phase

Starting with a discovery phase with DNX that delved deep into the business challenges and future goals with key stakeholders, AgriProve received a business case covering data and application infrastructure. DNX presented AgriProve with a variety of potential strategies, as outlined in the business case, to achieve their project goals. By comparing these options against AgriProve’s priorities and needs, DNX advised AgriProve on the optimal strategy. This guidance enabled AgriProve to make informed and effective business decisions. This is also done to reduce risk, build confidence, and provide the board with the what, why, and how involved in the strategy.

Mobilise Phase

DNX then delivered a secure infrastructure on AWS, powered by Citadel, to meet AgriProve’s security needs. This well-architected cloud foundation designed by DNX Solutions is built using infrastructure-as-code and utilises automation to ensure high-level security in the cloud. In addition, it comes compliance-ready for a range of Australian and international standards required by regulated industries. 

DNX also developed an application strategy for building a platform for onboarding customers and landowners, project management of the agricultural products of these customers, and managing the registration with regulatory bodies of these projects. the application was built using a serverless architecture with microservices enabling it to grow together with the company. 

Implementation Phase

A modernised data infrastructure centralised AgriProve’s many databases in a data-lake so they and their customers can pull up the necessary data and see the big picture that will enable data-driven decision making.

The Outcome

By partnering with DNX Solutions and using AWS cloud services, AgriProve achieved the following results:

Better data-driven decision making

AgriProve and its partner farmers were able to make informed decisions using faster and better data analytics. provide insights and advice to landowners on the best use of their land, such as what crops to grow, when to plant and harvest, and how to reduce water and fertiliser consumption. AgriProve also used data analytics to quantify and verify the carbon savings achieved by landowners who adopted sustainable land management practices, and helped them apply for carbon credits from the government.

Improved data availability and scalability 

The engagement with DNX also established the security and governance of AgriProve’s data on the AWS cloud. Migrating to the cloud and modernising its data infrastructure provided high durability, availability, scalability, and security for AgriProve’s data, ensuring that only authorised users could access the data and insights. 

Secure platform for building applications on

The secure platform powered by Citadel on the AWS cloud also empowered AgriProve to build applications for onboarding new partner farmers and managing soil carbon projects.

Customer trust and peace of mind

Data privacy and protection is crucial for AgriProve, as it collects and analyses sensitive data from its partner farmers and the government. By using AWS cloud services and DNX Solutions’ well-architected foundation, AgriProve can operate from a secure cloud infrastructure that provides a high level of security that is constantly updated through automation. AgriProve can trust that its business and customer data are safeguarded by the best practices and standards of AWS and DNX Solutions.

Transformative product mindset

By partnering with DNX Solutions, AgriProve not only improved its technical capabilities, but also transformed its business mindset. AgriProve shifted the way it operates from a project management business to a product mindset. This transformation enables AgriProve to continuously think of ways to provide new features and solutions to its partner farmers, rather than just delivering a one-time service.


The partnership with DNX enables AgriProve to scale rapidly to tackle climate change and accelerate their go-to-market speed. AgriProve leverages the agility, scalability, and innovation of AWS cloud to create new features and products that meet the changing needs and expectations of its partner farmers and increase its market reach and impact on climate change mitigation. By engaging with DNX to migrate, modernise, and manage its applications and data on AWS cloud, AgriProve improved its data-driven decision making, data availability and scalability, and security and governance to sustainably scale and grow its operations. 

DNX Solutions is an AWS Premier Tier Consulting Partner that has helped many customers like AgriProve achieve their scaleup goals and transform their businesses. See what a secure, scalable, and cost-effective cloud solution can do for your organisation.