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Adatree CDR compliant Open Banking platform with DNX.One cloud foundation

Uncover benefits, remove barriers, and take advantage of the Consumer Data Right (CDR) data-sharing ecosystem through turnkey, secure, and cloud-native Data Recipient solutions.
consumer data right (CDR)


What is the Consumer Data Right (CDR)?

The Consumer Data Right (aka Open Banking) is legislation giving Australian consumers greater access to their data, improving consumer choice and competition. Adatree’s SaaS technology solution removes the complexity of accessing the CDR safely and securely, enabling businesses to do this through one Open Banking API. DNX adds security, reliability, and cloud foundations to the solution.

How is Open Banking related to the Consumer Data Right?

CDR aims to empower consumers to share their data across different providers through secure channels. Consumer Data Right has first launched in the financial sector, which has given it the name ‘Open Banking’. In the future, CDR will enter other major industries including the energy sector, telecommunications, and retail.

Open Banking and the CDR in Australia.

Australia approved the CDR legislation in August 2019. This was a major step towards giving consumers control and autonomy over their data, with the ability to share data with secure third parties such as banks and mortgage brokers. The switch to Open Banking is ongoing, with the third and final phase due to be implemented in February 2022.


Simplifying the CDR Open Banking, and cloud needs.

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Adatree Open Banking Platform

Adatree removes barriers to entry across the data-sharing ecosystem, enabling any organisation to access the CDR through a single CDR Open Banking API.

As an Accredited Data Recipient, Adatree does the heavy lifting to help you leverage data and be technically compliant, while you focus on creating competitive and innovative products and services to grow, retain, and delight your customers.

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DNX Solutions

DNX Solutions is a cloud-native focused company equipped with solutions to tailor your CDR data environment.

From building a secure, compliant, and cloud conforming foundation, to injecting cloud and data skills into your organisation, DNX accelerates the process of being granted as an Accredited Data Recipient (ADR) while partnering with the audit team.


Enable your business to access and leverage the CDR

Adatree’s turnkey CDR Open Banking platform enables your business to access and leverage the CDR. DNX builds your secure, compliant, and cloud conforming cloud environment. With Adatree and DNX working together, you know your CDR Open Banking solution is compliant and secure so that you can focus on your customer value propositions.

Industry Sandbox

Adatree’s Open Banking Industry Sandbox is an out-of-the-box implementation of the Adatree Data Recipient Platform.
All of the technology, APIs, endpoints, and the platform create a real-life simulation of the end-to-end aspects of Open Banking.

Data Recipient Platform

One CDR Open Banking API for everything that you need technically when you are an Accredited Data Recipient. Adatree’s modular Open Banking platform provides all technical components necessary for Data Recipients to securely receive consumer data in an efficient, legislation-conformant way.
The Open Banking API solution is specifically built to the Australian CDR standard.

DNX.One Foundation

As the first layer of any data-focused solution, DNX.One Foundation was built to enable your cloud and data environment to be compliant with CDR and AWS Well-Architected best practices.
In addition, DNX.One builds a secure, high-available, low-cost, and scalable infrastructure with infrastructure-as-code and open source technologies.

SRE team & Managed Services

DNX provides a team extension while building your environment, empowering your team with cloud skills, and supporting your audit team to get things done quicker and easier.
A cloud-managed service capability is another option in case you don’t have one or if your existing SRE team needs assistance with scaling.  We can transition operating the open banking platform while you grow.


How the data flows

Adatree’s CDR SaaS solution provides organisations with access to the CDR through one Open Banking API, removing the complexity of adhering to building and maintenance standards. DNX provides the cloud foundation layer to enhance the ease and security of Adatree’s CDR platform while building all of your cloud infrastructure needs.
Adatree's CDR SaaS solution


How you can use our
solutions over the CDR journey.


Start with Adatree’s Industry Sandbox before becoming accredited and stepping into CDR and Open Banking.

Adatree's Industry Sandbox
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“I don’t know how to get started with CDR legislation.”
“I need help becoming an ADR.”

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“I want to understand how my business can benefit from the CDR before I get accredited.”

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“I don’t have time to spend deciphering compliance requirements.”

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“I have a use case and I want to bring it to life quickly. “


Meet CDR compliance standards to start receiving data and guarantee a smooth migration process

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“I am accredited to receive data, but I don’t want to build my own technology.”

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“I have an AWS fleet but I’m not sure what state it’s in.”
“I want to do it right but I don’t have the right skills.”

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“How can I easily access the CDR now that I am accredited?”
“I have to comply with legal requirements.”

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“I need to focus on keeping my business running.”

Adatree Adopting


Evolve, manage, and take advantage of the CDR with a range of product and service add-ons from Adatree and DNX Solutions

Adatree SaaS and Managed Services
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“I need solutions that scale across my large customer base.”

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“I need to maintain my competitive market position.”

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“Security and reliability are important in my procurement process.”

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“I want more value-adding solutions to get even more value from the CDR.”


Who are the Adatree and DNX CDR Open Banking API for?

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Any aspiring Data Recipient

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From startups to enterprises

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From financial services to government

Discover how some industries can take
advantage of the CDR environment with these Open Banking cases

DNX Adatree open banking

Financial Services

  • From the Big 4 to non-bank lenders
  • Faster and more secure onboarding
  • Aggregation of multiple products across many institutions
  • Fast and reliable credit assessments
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Comparison Sites

  • Quick and easy data capture of current products in-market
  • Personalised product recommendation engines based on an individual's accurate financial history
  • Smoother customer experience with less manual data entry needed
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Telecommunication and Utility Companies

  • Enable seamless onboarding and accurate account balance verification
  • Ease of payments
  • Reduction of bounced payments
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  • Get a whole-of-wallet view
  • Enable the personalisation of customer offers
  • Drive loyalty and repeat business with their customer base
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  • Support Government institutions
  • Reliable financial analysis to support government payment schemes
  • Accurate income reporting


What customers
say about us


Join smart organisations that have embraced the CDR and cloud environment!


All of the CDR benefits
and none of the burden

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Simple and fast access to the CDR

Access the CDR through a single API. Automated deployment enables same day access to our Industry Sandbox and Data Recipient Platform.

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Adatree Turnkey solutions

Out-of-the-box technology solutions for Data Recipients. Everything an organisation needs to participate securely in the CDR, without building it themselves.


Secure and reliable “Ready To Go” infrastructure

A “Ready To Go” AWS cloud platform built to be compliant with CDR while providing a reliable and secure environment without adding complexity.

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High scalability and availability

Harness a global and trustful AWS platform as your business grows and demand increases.

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Developer Portal

With Adatree’s Industry Sandbox you can test your use cases in a CDR compliant environment before you are accredited.

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All industries, all use cases

Adatree’s SaaS solution is industry and use case agnostic. We enable any organisation that would like to be part of the CDR

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Optimised and cost-effective cloud environment

Leverage the most optimal and cost-efficient cloud services while reducing operation costs.

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Flexible skills and continued CDR compliance mechanism

Find out the skill you need to evolve your cloud state and keep your Open Banking application continuously compliant.

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Get your
Open Banking
use case report


Want to find out more about our CDR open Banking offering and discuss your data state?

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*DNX/Adatree funding is available. Let us assess your data state and suggest the best option based on your business needs.


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Enable a scalable, compliant cloud as your business grows.

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