Leaving VMware? Let’s plan your next step with AWS cloud

VMware’s new owner Broadcom has put a stop to partner programs meaning that starting 30 April 2024, customers won’t be able to purchase VMware cloud on AWS anymore.

These changes are challenging but with the right planning, you can turn this setback into an opportunity to fully leverage the cloud’s potential. We can help you in planning your exit from VMware and strategising how to do an AWS Cloud migration with our complimentary, 1-day assessment.

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Modernise with AWS Cloud

Experience greater flexibility and faster, better performance to fuel innovation in your company with AWS Cloud modernisation:

No More Per-Core Licensing: AWS offers pricing models that are tailored to your needs, eliminating the complexity of per-core licensing and extra expense.

Boost Performance: AWS’s high-performance computing, storage, and networking will have you seeing a significant jump in application performance.

Scale on Demand: Scale up for peak seasons or down for slower periods, giving you unmatched control over your resources.

Embrace Innovation: Embrace the potential of serverless computing and containers for optimal agility and efficiency with cutting-edge AWS Native Services and features.


DNX Solutions: Your Trusted Partner for AWS Migration


We’ll go deep into your current environment to design a personalised cloud migration plan that optimises costs, modernises your applications, and minimises risks.

Design & Implementation

We’ll design and implement a secure and scalable AWS landing zone tailored for your migrated workload.

Migration & Cutover

With our expert execution and cutover plan, we’ll ensure minimal downtime during your move.

Ongoing Support

We’re here for the long haul, providing continuous support to ensure you maximise the benefits of your AWS business cloud environment.


Take charge of your cloud future today

Don’t let the unavailability of VMWare (VMC) on AWS hold you back. Contact DNX Solutions now to plan your next move. Take advantage of the AWS Cloud’s greater flexibility, high-level performance, and better security to drive your business’ growth.

What to expect with our VMC Assessment

At DNX Solutions, we understand that each organisation is different so we work backwards from your challenges, and tailor our solutions to fit your needs. Our VMWare cloud (VMC) Assessment is designed to deliver insights on the following:

Migration Readiness

We’ll assess application readiness, dependencies, and tools to define a high-level migration approach.

Skills and Training

Together, we’ll identify skill gaps, plan training pathways, and ensure your team is equipped for managing the new environment.

Cost Analysis

We’ll examine current and projected costs to estimate migration expenses accurately – and how to best optimise it.

Risk Assessment and Mitigation

We’ll identify migration risks and define strategies to mitigate them effectively.

Platform Readiness

We’ll plan AWS landing zone readiness, assess security and compliance needs,and how to best accelerate it.

Operational Readiness

We’ll define operational approaches and offer flexible management solutions to streamline workflows.

Data Platforms

We’ll assess target data platforms, identify ideal pathways, and highlight modernisation opportunities to ensure efficient data use.

VMware Cloud FAQs

Broadcom’s takeover of VMware and the following termination of reseller rights mean that VMC-A customers will no longer be able to get new subscriptions or renew their existing ones through AWS. The same applies to associated add-ons.

Starting from 30 April 2024, customers will not be able to purchase additional VMC-A subscriptions, renewals, and add-ons from AWS. 

Currently, there’s no official word yet from Broadcom about their plans for VMC-A. AWS and Broadcom have existing contracts in place that guarantee the continued operation of VMC-A until May 2026. AWS is committed to working with Broadcom to make sure that these agreements are upheld to provide continuity and stability for customers during this transition period.

Starting 30 April 2024, AWS will no longer be able to sell the VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts solution.

There’s been no official update about the discontinuation of VMC-A service but rest assured that we will keep you informed about potential changes to the VMC-A offering. 

If you’ve purchased VMC-A subscriptions through AWS, your billing process will likely remain unchanged. But for customers who are typically billed directly by Broadcom for VMC-A, there might be changes affecting billing. We advise these customers to contact Broadcom directly to learn more about these potential changes.

AWS is committed to finding the best solutions for any remaining commitments you have with VMC-A, from looking into different technical options and possible incentives to help you transition smoothly.

If you’re a VMC-A customer and have existing commitments, we encourage you to get in touch with us so we can guide you through the process and discuss the available options for a seamless transition. 

We understand that you may be experiencing uncertainty given these changes. As an AWS Premier Partner, our priority is to ensure that you’re well-informed about alternative cloud infrastructure options during this transition. 

We recommend starting with an assessment of your VMC infrastructure to evaluate your resource usage, application dependencies, and third-party licensing. An assessment can also uncover potential cost savings and operational efficiencies. We offer a complimentary one-day VMC assessment that can help you make an informed decision. 

As an AWS Premier Partner with a focus on modernisation, migration, and security, DNX Solutions can offer hands-on support to customers during the planning and execution of VMware workload migrations to AWS. You can reach out to us for a VMware assessment to get a better idea about what cloud migration entails. 


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