Leveraging Talent to Drive Social Impact

DNX Solutions’ mission is to democratise cloud technology, making it accessible to any business in a simple, secure, and easy to maintain way. It enables companies to prepare, evolve, and design their business for the future. DNX offers a wide range of solutions to take companies to where they want to be, getting them up to scratch with competitors, and giving them the opportunity to get ahead.

Giving the first opportunity when no-one else would

Most talented migrants, including our founders, know the reality of arriving in Australia and being denied professional opportunities due to language barriers, immigration status and a lack of local networks and experience.  

Being turned down from interview after interview can be soul-crushing, especially when you know you are capable of the work. Continuous rejection can create feelings of desolation and unworthiness; and leads to many immigrants giving up on their dream to work in their field, and sometimes, even their dream to stay in Australia. Oftentimes, immigrants feel that having a rewarding career and residing in Australia are mutually exclusive. By being forced into an ultimatum, one of their dreams shatters. But it is not only the individual and their family who lose out; Australia as a nation does too. So much talent coming to our shores is wasted due to these invisible barriers and lack of opportunity.

DNX Mentorship Program

So with the intention of assisting those on this journey, the DNX Mentorship program was created. It is the first, and only, program of its kind in Australia where mentees are provided with AWS and Cloud Computing knowledge as well as other skills important for breaking into the Australian market. 

 Pietro, a mentee who completed the Mentorship program described it as “a complete life-changer” where not only his knowledge in AWS, cloud computing, and consulting skills increased, but his mindset changed altogether.

Not only did Pietro obtain a job offer upon conclusion of the program, but his wife used the same principles taught during the mentorship to become an accredited Occupational Therapist and obtained her first Australian job in her field.

The Mentorship program has clear objectives. As a direct result of the program we want 100% of our mentees to leave with increased networks, improved consulting and speaking skills and ultimately an offer of employment with the legal right to remain in Australia. 

With these outcomes, immigrants and their families have the security and stability to plan their future in Australia, enabling them to settle down, buy a house, and have that much wanted baby! The ability to think long-term ultimately brings with a sense of belonging, not to mention the pride that comes with calling Australia home. 

Saving lives during COVID-19

The distress and unpredictability of the past two years has hit everybody hard including our DNXers who are mostly immigrants living in Australia. Beyond extended periods of isolation and concerns about temporary visas and sudden changes to legal status, DNXers had the added stress of watching their home countries suffer throughout the pandemic. Knowing that family members, elderly parents and lifelong friends are at great risk of illness and death, and being unsure whether they could get home if needed, has been extremely anxiety-inducing for many in our team.

Therapy sessions and resources have been provided to all employees and their immediate families free of charge, regardless of when they joined DNX. Throughout this time we have maintained our open and supportive communication style to ensure DNXers are getting the help they need. We know access to these services have saved many DNXers from sleepless nights, and in one case, they have even saved a life.

ITBR: A community that makes the Australian dream a reality

Close to our founders’ hearts is an international online community run by some of the members of our board, named ITBR. This community is open to members based anywhere in the world who are interested in AWS and Cloud Computing. 

The group is free to participate in and focuses on sharing technological knowledge and resources. Furthermore, suggestions on how to break into the Australian job market are made, and feedback on CVs is offered. This equips people with a lot of the knowledge and practical skills they need to enhance their employment prospects, before even touching down on Australian soil. 

Community members have their questions answered and nothing is expected in return. ITBR is aimed completely at helping others and fostering a sense of community within the tech industry. 

Renato, a member of  the ITBR community, struggled for years to break into the workforce in Australia’s IT industry. Despite having some knowledge of AWS, Renato did not have a certification. Through ITBR he learned that official qualifications are highly valued in Australia and he set out to attain his first AWS certification. That was the first step in gaining employment in his field, which he has now been enjoying for the past couple of years.

The community provides a clear picture of the Australian Market, existing pathways into the IT field and how to break into the industry. Many  members explicitly credit the confidence, knowledge and assistance they gained from ITBR for their professional and personal successes in Australia.

DNX Solution’s two driving values are about sharing knowledge and focussing on people. We practice what we preach every single day: with our clients, with our team members and with the broader tech community. It’s an honour for our founders, and the entire DNX team, that we are in a position to offer not only quality services to our clients, but also to implement initiatives with far-reaching and long-lasting effects on society as a whole.


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