Joining DNX will take you on the best adventure of your career


From day one, DNX Founders Allan Denot and Helder Klemp understood that their collaborators, commonly referred to as DNXers, were the key to the success of the company. DNXers are not seen as a resource, a ‘ plugin and play’, or a disposable asset. They, just like Allan and Helder, have passions, aspirations and ideas. To cultivate this, DNX prides itself on promoting a healthy, supportive, and fun work environment, encouraging a balanced attitude to professional and personal life, and approaching each team member holistically. It is important to us that all DNXers can grow, to move up in the company, to follow their dreams both inside and outside of work, and to do all of this in a supportive environment.


Perks of the job

A good job is satisfying and pays the bills – a great job is much more. Working with DNX gives you unlimited prospects to grow and learn. Here are some of the things we think are important about working with DNX.

Flexible work arrangements

Flexible work

Real life and nine-to-five don’t always match.

Casual & fun workplace vibe

Casual & fun
workplace vibe

We work hard, but we’re still real people. We value keeping up the good vibes.

Professional development

development (for real)

You’ll be supported to grow professionally with real, applicable knowledge and skills.

Wellness and sports initiatives

Wellness and
sports initiatives

We understand that a healthy person needs wellness in mind, body, and spirit.

knowledge portal & certification centre

knowledge portal &
certification centre

Our repository of knowledge and learning is a key part of our sharing culture


DNX hacks

Being part of our team means living the DNX lifestyle. It means working with like-minded people who like to have a good time whilst celebrating the important milestones and the small things too.

group of people illustrated


Positions available

No position is available at this moment.