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From replatforming to refactoring your whole Windows Application, DNX is your end-to-end solution to speed up business modernisation journeys of any size.
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My architecture is not ready for the future. My tech stack is outdated, and I don’t have the resources to solve these issues internally.

How can I reduce operations costs and have more flexible licensing options?

How can I innovate with what is already available in-house, keeping my Windows application but conferring it more elasticity?

I need to take advantage of my .NET 5 while running workloads on AWS.

I have to figure out a way to reduce cycle time to release, add more automation, improve developer experience, and reduce Time to Market at the same time.


Do more, faster by enabling Windows application solutions

Creating competitive differentiation is crucial for many decision-makers, and so, modernising applications isn’t merely an option anymore – it’s necessary. For this reason, businesses of all sizes are embracing the challenge of moving Windows workloads from .NET Framework to .NET Core, .NET 5, or higher to fully run their applications in the cloud, making the most of the advantages this provides.


Five ways to modernise your Windows Application

Choose your way to start your modernisation journey after your
assessment and prioritisation of your application.

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Migrate your application from an on-premise with little modification to the cloud, unlock the advantages of web-based services and reduce the total cost of ownership.


Pay-as-you-go with the most modern design principles. Build, store, manage and run a robust, scalable, highly available, secure, and low-cost container platform.

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A new home for your apps. Minimal code changes, better scaling, and leveraging reserved resources in the AWS cloud environment.


Improve the design of an existing code-base while preserving its external behaviour. Continuously deliver business value to users and stakeholders with ease of maintenance.


Allocate resources on-demand and run applications without having to manage servers. Have more flexibility, and scale greater and quicker at a reduced cost.


Choose your way to start your modernisation journey

Whether you’re looking for a full or partial modernisation of your Windows Applications,
DNX has you covered. Request an assessment that suits your business needs and take
advantage of AWS Well-Architected best practices.




Connect the points around the business and technical needs, receive detailed, prioritised scope, and get prepared to implement modernisation to your Windows application.

Bring innovation to your Windows Application

  • Refactor / Rearchitect
  • Replatform (aka "lift, tinker, and shift")
  • Serverless
  • AWS funding is available. Get in touch and find out.




Assess your current-state Windows application workflow with AWS Well-Architected Framework and understand the pros and cons of your decisions while moving to the cloud.

5-step journey to your Windows Transformation

  • Containerisation
  • Lift-and-shift (aka "rehost")
  • Replatform (aka "lift, tinker, and shift")
  • AWS funding is available. Get in touch and find out.


Take advantage of your Windows Modernisation

Unlock new opportunities for your business. Take a look at what is waiting for
you on the other side of Windows modernisation.

Scale within seconds

High Availability

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Lower Development Cost

Faster Release Cycles

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Compatible With Microservices

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Agile Friendly

Secure Infrastructure

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Lower Operational Cost

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On-demand Pricing

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Reduce or even Eliminate Licensing Costs

Reduce Risks

Establish The Foundation For Future

Innovation and Growth


Join smart organisations that have
embraced the future with DNX Solutions.


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