A unique modernisation journey for your business

Fully assess your current environment to identify workload modernisation opportunities that can benefit both business and technical areas with Windows Discovery. Reduce costs with agility, security and improved productivity.
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How do I identify and bring to light risks without jeopardising the project approval?

It is time to shift the company’s mindset from “how to explore better the use of these tools” to “how to use new tools that are more efficient and cost-effective”.

Uncovering the business and tech needs also unlock the company’s potential to reach new highs.

I need to convince other company areas to prioritise a half-million-dollar re-architecture project that doesn’t offer any new features. So, they don’t realise the benefits.


Align, plan and strategise your modernisation with Windows Discovery

Be an integral part of your Discovery journey by collaborating on a strategy for applications on AWS, harnessing contemporary cloud-native concepts. DNX, as a specialised AWS Windows partner, will lead your team through a comprehensive set of workshops to understand the nature and intended use of your applications. Our unique insights guide our approach for creating a roadmap, taking the next steps towards innovation.

AWS funding is available. Check your business eligibility!


Join smart organisations that have unlocked modernisation within their businesses

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Unlock Modernisation within your business

Connect every aspect of your business to reduce risks, increase reliability and control of your processes. Windows Discovery emerges at the end of a series of human-centred workshops that hit the overlap of these 3 lenses. An all-hands process that leads your business to experience the benefits of migrating your .NET Framework to Containers.

Assess and prioritise what matters most

Understand and uncover business needs and technical requirements

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Well-rounded and in-depth understanding of the goals, scope, and limitations

Do an analysis of the current mode of operation, a definition of requirements, an evaluation of alternatives, and an agreed upon course of action

Substantiates with evidence of why and how a project should be executed

Define measurable deliverables and provide valuable information for a “go/no-go” decision

Consolidate all information needed for internal approval

Control risks and build accurate estimates of time and budget

Establish a roadmap: goals, deliverables, and deadlines

Build trust and improve communication


Streamline your fully modernisation in a 2-stage discovery process

The Discovery Journey takes 4-6 weeks, and every outcome is unique and based on the
necessity of your business. AWS funding or credits is available for eligible projects. Explore
the 2-stage plan for your modernisation journey and contact the DNX team to learn more.


Empathise and identify key business needs and opportunities through workshops and meetings conducted by our cloud-experts team and build a strategy to fulfill your business desirability.

Modernisation Scope

The outcome is a comprehensive roadmap and all-in-one documentation to facilitate internal validation of the process. The DNX team will have your back from a financial to technical point of view providing end-to-end support.


Have the complete vision and control of your modernisation process

Discover the benefits to all areas of your organisation with a detailed
timeline, scope of project and execution plan.
AWS funding available to kick-start your journey.

Technology Roadmap

Find out all the steps of your project deliverables over time, how to avoid risks and costly mistakes.

Bounded Context Map

Receive a detailed map of your application’s bounded contexts and how it could be split into microservices.

Execution plan

Learn the most efficient way to implement your project with strategic and detailed outline tasks, resource metrics and runtime.

Windows modernisation funding access

Benefit from AWS funding benefits for eligible projects and meet your solution development faster while saving in costs.

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Action your Discovery plan

After Discovery comes implementation. DNX delivers tailor-made solutions, and implementation timeframes can vary. What we guarantee is we have the best plan to achieve incredible outcomes for your company.

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Roadmap is ready for implementation

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Priorities are defined

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Costs are set and funds ready for application

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Your modernisation is about to happen


Start realising the power of Windows Modernisation

Migrate from Monolith to Microservices and take advantage of the cloud-native approach while improving development agility, scalability, and performance

  • Boost agility, and improve business continuity and long-term cost reduction
  • Deliver cloud-native features that fit your business needs and integrate them with the most modern cloud technologies
  • Deliver business value and improved technical solutions while upskilling your internal team
  • Truly exploits the pace of cloud innovation that continuously reduces cost while increasing performance, resilience and responsiveness
  • Increase resilience and exploit AWS innovation
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A new home for your apps. Minimal code changes, better scaling, and leveraging reserved resources in the AWS cloud environment

  • Unlock cloud benefits and allow your application to leverage cloud capabilities such as auto-scaling, managed storage and data processing services, infrastructure as code (IaC), and others
  • Start small and scale as needed
  • Take advantage of the cost and reliability of the cloud, without refactoring or rewriting your app

Write / execute code anytime without server maintenance. Development with quality orchestration tools where the stack is a cloud.

  • Long-term maintenance is close to zero
  • Automatically scales to any demand
  • Real pay-per-use service
  • Quick deployments and updates
  • Reduce latency while pushing application functions close to end-users
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Discover our Windows Transformation solutions

Fast-track and realise value from your transformation journey while applying replatform, container, and lift-and-shift concepts to your Windows workloads.


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