We have the map for your Windows Transformation journey

Fast-track and realise value from your transformation journey while adopting modern cloud concepts to re-platform your Windows workloads.
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I need to take advantage of my current .NET Framework while running workloads on AWS.

How can I innovate with what is already available in-house, keeping my Windows application but conferring it more elasticity and variable costs?

My architecture is not ready for the future. My tech stack is outdated, and my team doesn’t have the skills to solve these issues internally.

I have to figure out a way to reduce cycle time to release, add more automation, improve developer experience, and reduce Time to Market at the same time.


Enable the benefits of Windows Transformation

We understand how crucial it is for decision-makers to create competitive differentiation. When setting yourself apart is no longer an option but a necessity, DNX can help businesses of all sizes to embrace the challenge of moving Windows Applications (and .NET applications) to fully running in the cloud.


5-step journey to your Windows Transformation

Pre-established steps that fit your application needs. Fix issues, build while
applying AWS best practices, automate your delivery, and upskill your team.

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Get your Well-Architected Review

DNX will conduct a current-state assessment of your cloud in accordance with the AWS Well-Architected Standard and additionally will look at cost optimisation.

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DNX.One Well Architected Foundation

Change and update specific components of an application. Improve your application’s scalability, portability, security, and profitability in the cloud.

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Choose your Blueprint of Modernisation

Improve your application with the modern generation of cloud technologies.

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Install CI/CD Pipelines

Reap the benefits of a CICD pipeline and build a consistent, auditable environment.

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Knowledge Transfer

We work closely with companies to spread the DevOps mindset, bring teams together, and focus on delivery.

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Create a great foundation to prepare for the Cloud

The first and most crucial step when starting the cloud journey is to build a solid foundation. We know it’s not easy to do so without a deep knowledge of the Cloud. Whether you are providing services, or evolving or scaling your own business, DNX.One is for you. Here are the benefits:

Open source

Have total control of your application

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Chose a way that suits your business

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Dedicated CICD

Isolate all faults that might compromise performance

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Compliance Cloud you can trust

Your application and all information are safe at all times


Create, update, and version your AWS infrastructure


Flexibility to fit your business needs

Improve your application with the modern generation of cloud technologies while taking advantage of Well-Architected Foundation.

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Performance Efficiency

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Cost Optimisation

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Pay-as-you-go with the latest design principles. Build a robust, scalable, highly available, secure, and low-cost container platform

  • Package your application’s code, configurations, and dependencies into an easy-to-use common format
  • Deliver environmental consistency, operational efficiency, developer productivity, and version control
  • Apply the latest container design principles to your application
  • Automate the deployment, management, scaling, and networking of containers while taking advantage of container orchestration, such as Kubernetes
  • Only pay for as many resources as you use
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A new home for your apps. Minimal code changes, better scaling, and leveraging reserved resources in the AWS cloud environment

  • Unlock cloud benefits and allow your application to leverage cloud capabilities such as auto-scaling, managed storage and data processing services, infrastructure as code (IaC), and others
  • Start small and scale as needed
  • Take advantage of the cost and reliability of the cloud, without refactoring or rewriting your app
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Accelerate your AWS migration by starting with lift-and-shift of your business-critical applications

  • Save Time: Improve time to production by quickly and easily lifting and shifting your workloads with no changes to your applications or workflows
  • Reduce Costs: Pay only for what you use with no hardware or licensing, saving substantial costs while benefiting from the scale, performance, and security of the cloud
  • Modernize Effectively: Once your applications and data are on AWS, leverage AWS services and capabilities to more easily and effectively replatform, repurchase, or refactor
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Discover our Full Modernisation solutions

Fully assess your current environment to identify workload modernisation opportunities that can benefit both business and technical areas.


Install CI/CD Pipelines for continuous and integrated advantages

Stay ahead and reap the benefits of a CICD pipeline and build a consistent, auditable environment while delivering value to the market quicker.

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100% Automated CI/CD

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Testing Strategies

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Deployment Strategies

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Choose your own AWS CodePipeline/CodeBuild, Gitlab, Bitbucket, Codeship, BuildKite, GitHub.


Community empowerment through knowledge transfer

We work closely with companies to spread the DevOps mindset, bring teams together, and focus on delivery.

Committed to transfer our knowledge

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Open Source (DNX Terraform and AWS code)

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Join smart organisations that have
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