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Data Engineering

Our batch loading is so delayed we are falling behind the competition.

We have lots of unstructured data coming in and our current infrastructure can’t handle it.

How can I break down existing silos? My data is all over the place!


The backbone behind your data analytics

Can’t find the data you’re looking for? With an automated data engineering system designed for batch data, streamed data or both, the right data can be transferred and transformed as needed. Data lakes store structured and unstructured data in a central location allowing for secure and governed access to complete and accurate data by data scientists and analysts. Beyond reducing storage costs, DNX data engineering enables scalability of any size.


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Enjoy automated engineering systems to deliver accurate data to your team at the snap of a finger

Scalable data lakes

Increased data governance

Ease of accessibility

wms low cost

Cost effective data storage

wmd goals

Accuracy of insights

Eliminate manual inputs


Explore the two roads you can take on your modernisation journey

DNX tailors solutions to each client’s unique business needs. No matter your business size or the stage you’re at on your data journey, we have you covered.

Dara Transformation discovery

Data Transformation Discovery

Increase accessibility to data through the use of simple language, interactive dashboards and machine learning, allowing employees of all levels to understand the organisation’s data.

Data Transformation Discovery timeline
Data Transformation Discovery

Data Modernisation Discovery

Find a whole new world of data through the creation of architecture that can change how your data is received, stored and utilised.

Data Modernisation Discovery timeline

Data engineering, set your business up for success


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