canibuild is a game-changer for the construction industry. After 20 years of facing the same problems over and over again, Timothy Cocaro founded canibuild to take the hassle out of building.

With canibuild, builders and their clients can see what can be constructed on their parcel of land in just minutes, in a virtual, easy-to-understand way. canibuild uses AI-Powered technology to tap into multiple real-time data sources such as high-resolution aerial imagery, local city, and county government data sets, and codification of planning rules – removing the typical “over the fence” site assessment, hand-drawn plans, and estimates. canibuild is customised for each subscriber, with individual floor plans, branding, and costs uploaded onto the platform, allowing subscribers to provide branded plans, flyers, reports, and estimations instantly, condensing outdated practices that would traditionally take weeks. It is a true one-stop-shop where users can instantly site a build, check typography, and request reports to determine build feasibility, site costs, generate site plans, check compliance and produce quotes for homes, pools, granny flats, ADU’s, sheds and more… all in just minutes! 

canIbuild is currently available in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States

The Business Challenge

Due to rapid expansion, canibuild required an experienced cloud-native partner to transform its complex cloud platform to sustain and capacitate for their growth by unlocking new data and analytics functionalities. One of the major challenges was to create a Single Source Of Truth (SSOT), which involves integrating different types of data into one central location as opposed to the various data sources from which they were being collected. Among the required data for canibuild is geospatial data, a time-based data that is related to a specific location on the Earth’s surface. This data can provide insights into relationships between variables, revealing patterns and trends.

Delivering DataOps and Data Analytics to Grow the canibuild Business

The DNX team built a platform by implementing a DataOps approach consisting of a collection of technical practices, workflows, cultural norms, and architectural patterns that enable:

  • Rapid innovation and experimentation delivering new insights to customers with increasing velocity
  • Extremely high data quality and very low error rates
  • Collaboration across complex arrays of people, technology, and environments
  • Clear measurement, monitoring, and transparency of results


The developed data platform combines modern SaaS ingestion tools (StitchData) and DbT, AWS data services including Data Lake (S3 + Glue Catalog + Athena), Glue ETL, MWAA for orchestration, DMS for near-real-time replication, DynamoDB for control tables and Cloudwatch events for scheduling.

canibuild infrastructure

Real-time Assertive Data

After a complex process in which all relevant data were collected, sorted, and stored in one location, canibuild now has real time insights allowing their team to access the same information. The team can now predict future trends, maximise opportunities and work towards realistic goals and objectives to continue growth.

Through our knowledge transfer DNX equipped the canibuild team with knowledge on how to provision a new logical environment for its product:

  • Terraform projects
  • Terraform variables configuration
  • DMS configurations
  • Database importer/exporter
  • MWAA and how to create new DAGs
  • How to troubleshoot Airflow

Data Modernisation Outcome

With the creation of an SSOT and the transfer of all data into a central location, canibuild teams can now access the data they need sooner than ever before, allowing them to respond quickly and efficiently to their clients. Improved data analytics enables them to access real time insights and make more accurate predictions; a valuable asset in current times plagued by uncertainty. Furthermore, thanks to the simplification of the platform by DNX, canibuild’s engineers now have time to spare, allowing them to work on what they do best: producing new features!

To see your business soar towards the future with open arms, contact DNX today and learn how you can benefit from data modernisation.

Tiago Silveira canibuild

DNX Team did an amazing job here meeting all our

expectations related to this project.

Tiago Silveira Head of IT

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