Achieving rapid scalability, data security, and compliance with AWS migration

About Dataco

Many organisations recognise the potential benefits of collaborating with others and sharing data, but they often face obstacles related to privacy concerns and regulatory requirements. Understandable in the face of growing cyber threats, but what if there is a way to safely share data between organisations while maintaining trust and compliance?

This is what the Australian startup, DataCo, seeks to achieve. The data collaboration platform was developed inside one of the major banks in response to the need to safely share data with its partners while prioritising privacy and regulatory compliance. Realising the potential of the platform for many businesses, not just the bank, the decision was made for DataCo to strike out on its own as a standalone company. 

Its innovative approach links customer consent with enterprise data sharing, empowering customers to control how their data is utilised. As organisations seek to navigate the complexities of data collaboration, DataCo offers a safe and seamless solution. 

The Business Challenge

DataCo’s goal is to enable the safe and responsible use and sharing of data between organisations. To do this, they subscribe to the four pillars of collaboration: trust, security, privacy, and value – and they want a partner that can offer them the same and enable them to scale.

Transitioning outside of a banking environment, DataCo needed a secure and trusted infrastructure for their platform that will let them deploy quickly and be compliant from Day One. 

The Solution

Organisations are more likely to engage in data sharing when they trust that their data will be handled responsibly and in accordance with relevant regulations. DataCo sought to foster a culture of trust and “privacy by design” around data collaboration that can facilitate stronger partnerships and more effective collaboration among organisations.

DataCo partnered with DNX Solutions to diversify its team and leverage DNX’s expertise in security and compliance. This collaboration allowed DataCo to focus on its core competencies while tapping into DNX’s experience to navigate compliance challenges and mitigate risks effectively. To fully support DataCo’s goals, DNX Solutions implemented a five-stage engagement.


Following the discovery phase, DNX led the migration process, orchestrating DataCo’s transfer to a secure infrastructure on AWS.

This phase involved careful planning and execution to ensure minimal disruption to DataCo’s operations while maintaining data integrity and security.

DNX’s expertise in migration strategies and best practices enabled a smooth transition, allowing DataCo to seamlessly leverage the benefits of the new infrastructure.

DNX Foundation (formerly Citadel)

By using the DNX Foundation (formerly Citadel), DNX accelerated DataCo’s deployment velocity, enabling rapid deployment while maintaining compliance standards from Day One. This streamlined approach to migration and deployment minimised disruptions and optimised efficiency.

Workloads Migration

With the secure infrastructure in place, DNX facilitated the migration of DataCo’s workloads, prioritising efficiency and data security.

This phase involved transferring applications, databases, and other workloads while closely monitoring performance and ensuring compatibility with the new environment.

DNX’s technical expertise in workload migration plus the familiarity and help of DataCo’s technical team ensured a seamless transition, enabling DataCo to leverage the full capabilities of the secure infrastructure.

Compliance Audit

Following the migration process, DNX conducted a comprehensive compliance audit to verify adherence to regulatory requirements and industry standards. This audit involved assessing data security measures, access controls, and governance frameworks to ensure compliance with relevant regulations.

Watch the full interview to discover how DNX empowered DataCo’s seamless data sharing with compliance and security: 

The Outcome

Through the collaborative efforts of DataCo and DNX, the outcome of the engagement was a transformative success. DNX successfully migrated DataCo’s data collaboration platform to a secure infrastructure on AWS, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and enhancing data privacy and security measures.

Key outcomes of the engagement include:

Enhanced Trust and Compliance

DataCo now operates on a secure and compliant infrastructure, fostering trust among its partners and customers. By prioritising data privacy and security, DataCo maintains compliance, mitigating risks and strengthening its reputation as a trusted data collaboration platform.

Interoperable Data Management

With the migration to a secure standalone infrastructure, DataCo now benefits from being an independent data platform that is agnostic to a client’s underlying data system. The robust infrastructure provided by DNX enables DataCo to consolidate and organise its data assets in a way that facilitates easier access, storage, and retrieval of information while maintaining segregation between organisations.

Global Scalability

With a secure and compliant infrastructure in place, DataCo is well-positioned to scale its operations globally. The robust infrastructure provided by DNX enables DataCo to expand its data collaboration platform to new markets and serve a diverse range of clients while maintaining high standards of security and compliance.

Improved Performance

The infrastructure provided by DNX is designed to accommodate growing volumes of data and increasing user demands, ensuring that DataCo can handle large datasets and high workloads without compromising performance or reliability.

Customer Trust

By proactively addressing any compliance issues identified during the audit, DataCo demonstrated its commitment to data security and regulatory compliance, further enhancing trust and confidence among stakeholders.

Overall, the outcome of the engagement positions DataCo as a leader in secure data collaboration, empowering organisations to share data ethically and securely while driving business growth, innovation, and global scalability.