DNX is thrilled to announce that we’ve joined the AWS Public Sector Partner (PSP) Program.

The PSP Program recognises AWS Partners with proven experience in developing cloud-based solutions.

“Being part of the PSP Program goes to show how much we’ve matured as a company. It also enables DNX to broaden its mission of democratising cloud technologies, bringing those innovations to the Public Sector and having a greater level of access to the benefits that provide advantages to our customers, such as funding”
said Helder Klemp, CEO at DNX Solutions.

At DNX Solutions, we work to bring a better cloud and application experience for digital-native companies in Australia.

Our current focus areas are AWS, Well-Architected Solutions, Containers, ECS, Kubernetes, Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery and Service Mesh.

We are always hiring cloud engineers for our Sydney office, focusing on cloud-native concepts.

Check our open-source projects at https://github.com/DNXLabs and follow us on Twitter, Linkedin or Facebook.

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